Powerful Email Extractor

Powerful Email Extractor 13.1

It uses Multi-threads techniques to get data from the Internet
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Powerful Email Extractor can extract useful data from websites.
If you need to perform a massive email campaign, or you want to contact several people in order to make business, you will need to collect their contact information.

The program uses the nine most popular international search engines to look for the information you want to search. It is also possible to choose the search engines available in a given country, if you want to localise your search. You can enter different keys and conditions, and the program will launch a massive scanning of all the sites that fit into that criteria. Once done, you can start scanning the found files for the information you want to retrieve (email addresses, telephone or fax numbers, etc.) The program can save the extracted data in files that you can save and print.

To use Powerful Email Extractor you will need to acquire a subscription. You can buy a quarterly subscription, a year subscription or a lifetime subscription. Anyone can use the demo version of this program twenty times for free.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is very easy to use
  • It searches for tons of data


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